Kaya Oğuz, PhD

Assistant Professor

Izmir University of Economics
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering

Contact Information
Office: A209
Phone: +90 232 488 82 89
Email: kaya.oguz(a)ieu.edu.tr

Office Hours
Please make an appointment via email during the summer.

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Academic Background

Kaya Oğuz has a BSc degree in Software Engineering from Izmir University of Economics (2007), a MSc degree in Computer Games Technology from University of Abertay Dundee (2009) and a PhD in Information Techologies from Ege University (2016). Currently, he is appointed as an assistant professor at Izmir University of Economics.

Kaya Oğuz gives undergraduate courses on computer games, software engineering and computer science. You can visit the university directory for a complete list.

His research interests cover artificial and computational intelligence in computer games, machine learning, image processing, medical imaging and fMRI.


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