Devrİm Ünay


bıomedıcal Engineering, head

İzmir University of Economics


Biomedical Engineering, Head

Faculty of Engineering

İzmir University of Economics

Sakarya Cd. No: 156 35330 Balçova İzmir Turkey

Phone: (+90) 232 4889821

Fax: (+90) 232 2792626

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Recently moved to Izmir University of Democracy, Electrical&Electronics Eng. Dept. This website will soon be obsolete. Please visit for more recent information.


  1. 1. ISBI 2020 - Open Calls!

  2. 2. NEUBIAS training schools (TS12 & TS13) in Porto, Portugal, October 2019.

  3. 3. Elected as an Associate Member to the IEEE Signal Processing Society, Bio Imaging and Signal Processing Technical Committee (BISP TC)! Looking forward to serving BISP TC for the term 2019-2021.

  4. 4. Our paper entitled Tracking-assisted Detection of Dendritic Spines in Time Lapse Microscopic Images” is accepted for publication in the Neuroscience journal.

  5. 5. Our paper entitledModified Visual MR Rating Scale for Evaluation of Patients with Forgetfulness” has been accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences!

  6. 6. Our paper entitled “An evaluation on the robustness of five popular keypoint descriptors to image modifications specific to laser scanning microscopy” is published in IEEE Access!

research interests

  1. Bullet Biomedical information processing

  2. Bullet Computer vision, image analysis, and pattern recognition

  3. Bullet Information retrieval

  4. Bullet Machine learning

  5. Bullet Data mining

previous affiliations

  1. Bullet Faculty Member, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bahçeşehir University, Turkey

  2. Bullet Visiting Researcher, Computer Vision and Pattern Analysis Laboratory, Sabanci University, Turkey

  3. Bullet Marie Curie Fellow, Video Processing and Analysis Group, Philips Research, The Netherlands

  4. Bullet Senior Scientist, Circuit Theory and Signal Processing Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering Mons, Belgium


  1. Bullet Ph.D., 2006               Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering Mons, Belgium

  2. Bullet M.Sc., 2001              Biomedical Engineering, Boğaziçi University, Turkey

  3. Bullet B.Sc., 1999               Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Boğaziçi University, Turkey