İzmir University of Economics Game Lab is established for changing the rules of the game technology. Lab wants to build a game developer community and game development culture in İzmir with bringing students, academicians and professionals in the industry together.

IEU Game Lab is founded in Izmir University of Economics for researchers, game developers, designers, artists and game producers. It is a meeting point for all game related professionals, students and academicians. Its goal is to provide a good place where all of these sectors can meet, discuss ideas, develop games and do research about academical game topics.

Our lab has 7 game development computers with high specifications, 2 Oculus Rift VR headsets, 2 HTC Vive VR headsets, 1 XBOX One Kinect sensor, 4 Logitech gamepads, 2 Wacom Intous Pro drawing tablets.

IEU's Computer Game Development Certificate teaches you how to design and develop next generation computer games.

When you successfully completed the necessary lectures, you will able to design/develop games such as;

  • first/third person shooter
  • turn-based/time-based strategy
  • networked multiplayer games
  • virtual/augmented/mixed reality games
  • mobile/casual/hyper-casual games.

See where your artistic and programming skills can take you in the world of computer game development!

For more information about our education, please visit our Software Engineering Program website.


SE 313 - Computer Graphics

SE 320 - Introduction to Game Development

SE 330 - Advanced Game Development

SE 350 - Game Design

SE 352 - Network Programming in Computer Games

SE 354 - Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games

SE 355 - Mobile Game Development

SE 431 - 3D Modeling in Computer Games

SE 432 - 3D Animation in Computer Games

You will be granted for the certificate if you are successful from at least 6 of these elective courses at the SE program.


Hüseyin Akcan

Prof. Dr.

Gazihan Alankuş

Assist. Prof. Dr.

Kaya Oğuz

Assist. Prof. Dr.

M. Çağkan Uludağlı

Res. Assist., MSc

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Combine the skills of programming, graphics, animation, networking and artificial intelligence to create tomorrow's computer games. For more information, call (0232) 488 81 22 or e-mail the Software Engineering Department.