CE223 – Database Systems


Ground Rules

Course Syllabus


Teaching Assistant(s): Serhat UZUNBAYIR

Check with his web page for lab assignments and/or lab announcements.


Final Exam Grades announced!


Lecture Notes


Introduction (week 1)

Entity-Relationship Model (week 2)

Functional Dependencies, Decompositions and Normal Forms (week 3)

FDs, and Multivalued Dependencies and 4th NF (week 4)

How to Install MySQL

FDs, and MVDs Recitation (week 5)

SQL (week 6) Lab 1

SQL Continued (week 7) Lab 2 Lab 3

Review and Midterm Exam Sample Midterm (week 8)

Constraints and Triggers (week 9)

Real SQL Programming – PSM, PL/SQL, Embedded SQL (week 10) Lab 4 Ships Database

Database Connection Libraries (week 11) Lab 5

Transactions, Views, Indexes (week 12) Lab 6

SQL Authorization (week 13) Lab 7

New! Sample Final

Review (week 14)